Monday, March 7, 2011

Having fun with Config_Message_Log

Recently I spent at least ten minutes trying to figure out why ICM Configurator just won't let me update any configuration. Of course, the database was in really bad shape, the Config_Message_Log tables were totally out of sync.

What I tried first:
1. Opened icmdba and said truncate Config_Message_Log. It did not let me, obviously, it just kept saying the table is corrupted.
2. manually truncated the table. Now, icmdba was able to truncate it too (how lovely it is, truncate an empty table). But ICM Configurator just kept complaining.
3. Tried CCO and found this:
After I did insert into Config_Message_Log values (0, 'LogBegin', 'Config_Message_Log', getdate(),0x0000) - everything went smoooooooth.

Bottom line: it is good to ask Cisco if you are stuck. Sometimes.