Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Prevent double requesting HTTP documents in Cisco CRS

I know this is sort of stupid, but I realized one thing today about the way Cisco CRS (IPCC Express, UCCX, IP IVR, whatever) works. Actually, the documentation says

The Create URL Document step does not issue the HTTP request. The actual request occurs when the document is used by another step, such as the Send Response step or the HTTP Forward step. (Cisco Unified Contact Center Express Editor Step Reference Guide, Release 7.0(1))

And that's true - for ALL the steps that call the document created with the Create URL Document Step. For Instance, if you do this:
1. Create URL Document (from http://ipaddress/something?interesting
2. Create XML Document from the document referenced in 1.
3. Write File from the document referenced in 1
It will actually issue two HTTP requests. Serious.

You say it is obvious? Well, I expected if it has already issued the HTTP request in 2, it has no reason to reissue it in 3. Anyway, now I know.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Servlet load sequence

The  load-on-startup sub-element indicates the order in which each servlet should be loaded. Lower positive values are loaded first. If the value is negative or unspecified, then the container can load the servlet at anytime during startup.
Which is kinda cool, I can give 1 for one servlet which will initialize logging, and a higher number for other servlets which also must be autostarted.